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Berlin is already the vegan capital of Europe. The international portal Happy Cow, with more than 50 vegan restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors and food stalls and more than 300 with vegan options registered in the city, has named Berlin as one of the most popular cities in the world.
the most vegan-friendly city of 2017 worldwide
chosen for the quality of its offer and the receptive attitude to veganism that reigns in the German capital.
According to a study by the German institute Skopos in 2016,
1.3 million people in Germany, about 1.6 % of the country’s population, claim to be vegan.
. In 2008 there were barely 80,000.
Whatever the individual motivations, veganism has taken hold in Berlin and is one of the biggest culinary trends. Vegan restaurants and food stalls in trendy neighborhoods and the spread of vegan billboards all over the city are proof of this. In 2016, the police had to intervene to control the throng of people who did not want to miss the opening of the vegan venue Dandy Diner (temporarily closed).
The most visible feature of the vegan lifestyle is food. Whether your diet is vegan or you want to get to know this part of modern Berlin culture, we discover the best places in Berlin where to eat or have a vegan snack.

Vegan places not to be missed in Berlin

The vegan offer in Berlin is present in all its neighborhoods, although in some it is especially visible. It is often enough to take a look at the stores on any busy street to see offers of expressly vegan food. In addition, vegetarian and vegan dishes are well marked on many restaurant menus.
If you want to play it safe, your vegan areas of reference are the Mitte district along with the Neukölln district.

Vegan venues in Berlin Mitte

In Berlin’s central district, close to Alexanderplatz, you will find the restaurant DalumaAll the dishes are 100% organic and the non-vegan options are the exceptions well indicated on the menu. Founded and designed by an architect, this restaurant offers authentic delicacies with unexpected combinations that are a delicacy for the palate and a recreation for the eyes. They also offer smoothies and breakfasts to combine as desired.
Daluma Restaurant
Weinbergsweg 3, 10119 Berlin
Subway (u-bahn), streetcar (tram) or bus (bus): station Rosenthaler Platz
Letter from Daluma in English

The Kopps Restaurant is completely vegan and offers delicious brunches in a stylish atmosphere.
Kopps Restaurant
Linienstraße 94, 10115 Berlin
Subway, streetcar or bus: station Rosenthaler Platz

Vegan venues in Neukölln

Neukölln, home to Spanish-German singer Álvaro Soler, is one of the trendiest neighborhoods for Berlin’s vegan community and where more vegan restaurants and other vegan businesses have sprung up in recent years.
Pêle-Mêle, a café with sweet and savory appetizers with sweet and savory snacks, offers several recipes of its own creation, as well as soups, salads and a menu of the day at lunchtime.
Pêle-Mêle Cafeteria
Innstraße 26, 12043 Berlin
Subway: Stations Karl-Marx-Straße or Rathaus Neukölln
Pêle-Mêle Letter in English

Brammibal’s Donuts
If vegan sweets are your thing, you can’t miss Brammibal Donut’s irresistible doughnuts. Self-made vegan cakes are not plentiful in Berlin, let alone with such a delicious taste. These doughnuts of almost twenty different flavors are highly sought after and often not restocked as closing time approaches, so don’t wait until the last minute to enjoy them!
Brammibal’s Donuts Bakery
Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin
Subway: Schönleinstraße station
Brammibal Donut’s English Donut Catalog

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