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Wall and Cold War

On this tour we will be able to answer three questions: Why is the Berlin Wall being built, How was the living through the 28 years of physical division that the city suffered and when the Wall finally fall.

Certainly, there is no better city than Berlin to understand the Cold War, a history so close in time that we can still talk about it in the present, and where we can see once again that the history of Berlin is the history of Europe..

What will we visit?

During our 3.30 hour walking tour, we will visit:

  • Palace of Tears (Tränenpalast)
  • Nordbahnhof´s Ghost Station
  • Bernauer Strasse Memorial
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Church of Reconciliation
  • East Side Gallery
  • … and more!
Free Cold War and Berlin Wall Tour

Where does the tour start?

Meet us in front of the museum square of “TranenPalast”, Palace of Tears, located next to the Freidrichstrasse train station, where we are always under our yellow umbrella.


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