*Culture&Touring guides are Freelancers. Their earnings depend on the final economic evaluation of the clients, as they do not perceive anything from our company.

The economic evaluation is given voluntarily and depending on the quality of the tour.


Tours privados por Berlín

On our special tours you are the boss. We offer both our regular tours and another one tailored to your needs. We adapt to your favourite theme or, if you wish, to a mixture of several. It's as easy as writing to us at freetour@culturetouringberlin.com or calling us at (+49) 15756836020 and telling us your idea of what you want to see, the time you have available and the meeting point where we can pick you up. Our specialised guides have extensive experience and will be happy to provide you with a personalised guide to the city.

We adapt to your tastes, your budget and your schedule with tours of different price and duration.

Our private tours
  • Discover the corners of Berlin that are not shown in the guides.
  • Customized tour with our specialized guides.
  • Excursions with different themes.
  • We pick you up wherever you want.
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